Over 600 spirulina producers worldwide and growing. What’s next?
Kenote Presentation at AlgaEurope 2023 • by rRobert Henrikson, December 15, 2023 in Prague, Czech Republic.
Spirulina source has built the largest structured database of spirulina producers and their products and released a free series of 8 Producer Reports for China, India, Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe France, North America and Latin America. Goals are to raise awareness of the global scope of spirulina, enhance connections among producers, educate investors on viable investments.

Prefab Spirulina Microfarm – Spirulina for the World • 2022
Spirulina Source has designed a prefab spirulina microfarm – Delivered in containers, assembled, installed, operating and producing spirulina in 90 days. Blending the best designs and best practices to build Standard, modular and containerized lower cost systems. Practical to finance and install. Easier to train personnel, operate and service. More reliable with better quality assurance. This prefab microfarm has everything needed for full operation including training modules.

Northern California Microfarm south of San Francisco • 2018
This first NorCal spirulina farm was built inside a commercial greenhouse once used for flowers. Designed to be low cost, modular and replicable, using common materials, easy to install and disassemble. No excavation or cement. Flat bottom ponds with small circulation pumps instead of paddlewheels. From 2016-19 this farm produced spirulina 12 months a year. Fresh, frozen and dry products sold in farmers markets, natural food stores in the SF Bay Area, direct to local customers and online.

Spirulina Viva Mexico • 2015
Spirulina Viva was founded in 2010 by Francisco Portillo Rangel and Katherine Kohlstedt, to cultivate fresh 100% Mexican spirulina. The first family owned and operated microfarm in Mexico. They are passionate about spirulina, a pre-Hispanic crop, superfood of the Mexicans. On their homestead near San Miguel de Allende, Katie and Paco produce and sell fresh spirulina and snack foods direct to the community, through retail health shops and by express mail across Mexico.

Myanmar Spirulina Production and Products • 2013
June Spirulina is one of the world’s largest producers of spirulina, and harvests from both natural crater lakes and artificial production ponds. The company produces 200 tons of spirulina per year and offers a variety of innovative products including supplements, functional foods and beverages, extracts, cosmetics, herbal products, biofertilizer and Mandalay craft beer brewed with spirulina extract. Twyn Taung Lake, a natural spirulina lake, is one of the natural wonders of the world.

Microfarmers in France • 2011
By 2011, 100 spirulina microfarmers stretched from Southern France to Normandy. Ripley and Denise Fox hosted Robert Henrikson and set up a tour. In the South of France, Emmanuel Gorodetsy at Spiru-Vie farm in Ganges and Boris Atlan at Ferme de la Borie in Lasalle. In Laroque, Ripley and Denise hosted spirulina microfarmers. In Normandy, at Ecodomaine de Bouquetot, Laurent Lecesve, Gilles Planchon and team were joined by John Paul Jourdan, author of Cultivez Votre Spiruline.

Proteus: First US Spirulina Startup • 1977-81
A story about Proteus starting the first spirulina algae farm in the USA and introducing a new product Earthrise© into the market. Moving from Berkeley to Imperial Valley California in 1977 because of its hot, sunny and dry climate, Proteus algae entrepreneurs set up a pfarm to test production, harvesting and products. Created a joint venture with DIC, a Japanese Corppration, to build the first commercial production, Earthrise Farms, in 1982, which became the world’s larges spirulina farm.