Spirulina Voices are video converations with producers, pioneers and personalies on current trends and the future of spirulina.

Voices Trailer (1:33)

Conversations with five algae thought leaders on current trends and the future of spirulina

Amha Belay (5:30)

Founder & CEO • Algae4All • Former Chief Tech Officer for Earthrise Nutritionals for 33 years

Jiamjit Boonsom (5:30)

Founder & CEO • Boonsom Farm Chiang Mai Thailand • Innovating products for 40 years.

John Benemann (5:30)

Founder & CEO • Microbio Engineering • Algae Industry Spokesperson for 45 years

Dale Solomon (5:30)

Founder & CEO • Oasia Farms • California Algae Microfarm Entrepreneur since 2017

Ike Levine (5:30)

President & Board Chair• The Algae Foundation • Educating next generation of Algaepreneurs