Conversations with pioneers, producers and personalities on current trends and the future of spirulina.

Produced by Robert Henrikson.
Hosted on the SpirulinaSource YouTube channel.

Spirulina Voices Trailer

Producers across the globe present their farms and products. Early village scale farms began in Asia and Africa, inspiring the first microfarmers in France, growing in greenhouses. Twenty years ago, pioneers discussed the future of spirulina. Spirulina microfarmers began selling innovative products in their local region. Their successes launched more than 100 microfarmers across France. Scaling from home to backyard to rooftop to commercial greenhouses in California. 1:30 minute video (2022).

SPIRULINA VOICES 4 – Spirulina Producers and Products

SPIRULINA VOICES 3 – Scaling up Spirulina Microfarms

SPIRULINA VOICES 2 – Spirulina Microfarmers in France

SPIRULINA VOICES 1 – Spirulina Pioneers and Small Farms