600 Spirulina microalgae producers innovate products worldwide

By Spirulina Source • Robert Henrikson

March 15, 2023:   A new series of industry reports highlights the growth of spirulina producers and products. Free at SpirulinaSource.com.

“The global spirulina market has evolved in surprising ways over the past 40 years”, says Robert Henrikson, founder of Spirulina Source and algae industry pioneer since the 1970s.

“About 50 medium and large farms dominate production of spirulina powder and blue phycocyanin extract. Large Chinese farms produce over 70% of the world supply, about 75% is for the large Chinese market, and 25% exported. Meanwhile, small enterprises have proliferated around the world and drive product innovation. More than 550 small micro producers sell their dried, fresh and frozen spirulina in supplements, foods and beverages in local and regional markets. Over 150 of these enterprises are in France alone.”

To track this activity. Spirulina Source, a resource center for spirulina algae since 1999, has built the world’s largest structured database of over 600 spirulina producers and their products. These new reports offer a visually appealing slideshow format with photos of farms, processes and products. Designed to be expandable and more readable than conventional market research reports.

The first regional market reports • China • Africa • Latin America • are available now.

How Spirulina Source researches and collects industry data

Personal communication, interviews, site visits, industry sources • Websites, articles, news, videos, research reports, science papers • ChatGPT Open AI data searches and language generationReports are updated periodically as new information is presented. To add, update or correct information, email robert@spirulinasource.com