Myanmar Spirulina • 1

Twyn Taung natural spirulin lake with spirulina growing ponds
Myanmar Spirulina • 2

First production was harvesting spirulina blooms from natural lakes in Myanmar in the 1980s
Myanmar Spirulina • 3

Ponds built on the shore of Twyn Taung lake • Factory and more ponds built in Saigaing
Myanmar Spirulina • 4

Dr. Min Thein, founder of Myanmar Spirulina and June Pharmaceuticals • 2013
Myanmar Spirulina • 5

Spirulina production ponds at June Pharmaceuticals Sagaing production facility
Myanmar Spirulina • 6

Robert Henrikson • Spirulina harvest on outoor screen alongside pond
Myanmar Spirulina • 7

Pond paddlewheels and outdoor harvesting screen
Myanmar Spirulina • 8

Harvesting screens inside harvesting building
Myanmar Spirulina • 9

Some spirulina being dried outdoors in the sun
Myanmar Spirulina • 10

Product packaging laboratory at June Pharmaceuticals in Sagaing
Myanmar Spirulina • 11

Layout of June Pharmaceuticals Sagaing production ponds and factory
Myanmar Spirulina • 12

Visit to local shop with June spirulina products
Myanmar Spirulina • 13

Poster showing the benefits of Provimin spirulina products
Myanmar Spirulina • 14

Poster showing spirulina products
Myanmar Spirulina • 15

Table of products • supplements, snacks, foods, beverages, cosmetics, biofertilizer
Myanmar Spirulina • 16

Product benefits • supplements, snacks, foods, beverages, cosmetics, biofertilizer
Myanmar Spirulina • 17

Mandalay craft beer brewed with a spirulina extract
Myanmar Spirulina • 18

Enjoying Mandalay spirulina beer
Myanmar Spirulina • 19

Visit to Twyn Taung lake and the production facility
Myanmar Spirulina • 20

On Twyn Taung Lake • spirulina blooms have decreased from development and less alkalinity
Myanmar Spirulina • 21

Spirulina production ponds alongside Twyn Taung Lake
Myanmar Spirulina • 22

Dr. Min Thein presents to group of workers and visitors
Myanmar Spirulina • 23

Dr. Nu Nu Win • Managing director June Phatmaceuticals
Myanmar Spirulina • 24

Dr. Nu Nu Win presenting to workers and visitors
Myanmar Spirulina • 25

Group photo at Twyn Taung Lake spirulina facility
Myanmar Spirulina • 26

Spirulina World Food book • Myanmar Edition

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June Spirulina in Myanmar is one of the world’s largest producers of spirulina. The company has harvested from both natural crater lakes and artificial production ponds. Spirulina grows naturally in the volcanic crater lakes Twyn Taung, Twyn Ma and Taung Pyauk, and a surface lake in Sagaing Ye Khar. However, In recent years, natural spirulina blooms have decreased due to development near the lakes.

In the 1980s Dr. Min Thein lead the industrialization of Spirulina production in Myanmar. June Spirulina’s main production ponds, factory, laboratory, processing and packaging are located in Sagaing. The company produces about 200 tons of spirulina per year and offers a variety of healthy innovative products including supplements, functional foods and beverages, extracts, cosmetics, herbal products, biofertilizer and Mandalay craft beer brewed with spirulina extrac.

De Min Thein received the “Senior Lifetime Achievement Award 2011 in Microalgal Biotechnology”, at the International Algae Congress, Berlin, Germany, for his scientific and industrial innovations and the worldwide promotion of microalgae.

Robert Henrikson accepted an invitation to visit in 2013, and these are photos taken during that visit.