Prefab Spirulina Microfarm • 1
Prefab spirulina Microfarm • 2
Prefab spirulina Microfarm • 3
Prefab spirulina Microfarm • 4
Prefab spirulina Microfarm • 5
Prefab spirulina Microfarm • 6
Prefab spirulina Microfarm • 7
Prefab spirulina Microfarm • 8
Prefab spirulina Microfarm • 9
Prefab spirulina Microfarm • 10
Prefab spirulina Microfarm • 11
Prefab spirulina Microfarm • 12
Prefab spirulina Microfarm • 13
Prefab spirulina Microfarm • 14
Prefab spirulina Microfarm • 15

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Global food insecurity and malnutrition has risen this past decade.. We know the causes… The U.N. says it is going to get worse

Food of the future is coming from micro-organisms. Traditional foods are at their limits We are just beginning to harvest the productivity of microorganisms Microalgae convert sunlight, water and CO2 into the food, feed, biomaterials we need – over 10 times more efficiently.

Spirulina is one of nature’s most productive organisms. The most popular, widely consumed algae over the past 45 years. Proven health benefits are based on decades of scientific research and consumer use. 5 grams each day provides significant nutrition, health and wellness benefits. How do we get more spirulina to the people who need it most?

Large commercial farms still serve niche markets: Ffood supplements, nutraceuticals, colors growing about 5% per year. Too expensive for human protein, animal and aquaculture feeds. Will it take another decade to reduce prices by 50%?

How to meet the global need for spirulina. Today there are 1000 spirulina microfarms operating around the planet- with a variety of designs, systems and equipment.Thousands more community microfarms are needed in Latin America, Africa and Asia for improved nutrition, local food security and economic opportunity.

Spirulina Source has designed a prefab spirulina microfarm – Delivered in containers, assembled, installed, operating and producing spirulina in 90 days. Spirulina Source has blended the best designs and best practices to build Standard, modular and containerized lower cost systems. Practical to finance and install. Easier to train personnel, operate and service. More reliable with better quality assurance. This prefab microfarm has everything needed for full operation including training modules. Delivery to production in 90 days.

We’ve identified 3 microfarm markets: Communities, Algaepreneurs and Farmers: To launch we are focused on communities in Peru

Each farm is targeted to produce 5 grams per m2 per day. Allowing for seasonal and monthly variations, a 500m2 microfarm produces 25kg fresh harvest, 2.5 kg dry each day. As a human food supplement 5 grams for 500 people per day. For animal and aquaculture premixes 25 kg fresh harvest per day. 5 grams spirulina each day provides significant nutrition, health and wellness benefits Based on 40 years of documented scientific research and consumer use.

A proposed first project is in Latin America. At the first international conference in Spanish, 580 participants expressed the need for help financing spirulina microfarms. First project goal: 30 microfarms in Peru within 2 years

The Spirulina Source team brings decades of experience in strategic management, technical expertise, connections in Latin America and with international funding agencies for grants and microlending.

45 years ago, an original vision was spirulina, ‘food of the future’, to help feed a hungry world. Moving forward in time like a spiral, we can return to that source. Spirulina Source has built the largest database of global spirulina producers. We invite your participation and collaboration as we assemble best practices from all over the world.