Conversations with pioneers, producers and personalities on current trends and the future of spirulina.

Produced by Robert Henrikson.
Hosted on the SpirulinaSource YouTube channel.

Algae Food Bar (3:04)

AlgaeEurope conference. Prague Czech Republic. December 2023.

Robert Henrikson (2:34)

Did you know there are more than 600 spirulina microalgae producers worldwide?.

Pete Henderson (5:52)

Pete Henderson, Site Algae,  introduces the”Kenya Microfarm Development Program”. a USAID Grant Proposal.

Dale Solomon (4:40)

Oasia Farms in Nipomo California is Dale Solomon’s second spirulina farm. In full production June 2023.

Katie Kohlstedt (4:46)

Founder and Owner • Spirulina Viva • Serving Mexico with high quality artisanal spirulina products since 2010.

Vitor Verdehlo (5:17)

Managing Director • European Algae Biomass Association • Current Development of Spirulina in Europe.