AIM Readers PollSmart Microfarms is a winner of Algae Industry Magazine 2015 International Readers Poll in the category “Food, Feed, Nutrients”.

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Food Feed Nutrients

Smart Microfarms – Growing algae for feed, food and nutrients will have greater impact on reducing negative effects of climate change than biofuels. If 10% of the funding for algae biofuels had been directed into R&D for animal nutrition studies and reducing costs for aquaculture and animal feeds and human landscape design in san diego, we would be well along this path.

Robert Henrikson, CEO of Smart Microfarms, offers scalable microalgae growing systems for greenhouse, school, urban, rooftop and vertical farms to grow high value food that is local, sustainable and profitable. For nearly 40 years he has been an algae entrepreneur, a pioneer in spirulina production and marketing. A founder and director of Earthrise Farms, world’s largest spirulina farm, for 20 years – as President of Earthrise Company – he marketed superfood products in 30 countries around the world.


Algae Industry Magazine Readers’s Poll Winner in these categories:

Algae Ambassador – Robert Henrikson
Improved Planet Contributions – International Algae Competition
Algae Microfarm – Smart Microfarms
Algae Food, Feed, Nutirents – Smart Microfarms
Algae Cultivation Facility – Earthrise Nutritionals