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Spirulina Market Reports

600 Spirulina microalgae producers innovate products worldwide By Spirulina Source • Robert Henrikson March 15, 2023:   A new series of industry reports highlights the growth of spirulina producers and products. Free at...

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Spirulina por el Mundo

First International Conference in SpanishFree Zoom Event Sunday July 24 0845 (GMT-5 ET) Conferencia Internacional en Español – 1st International Conference in SpanishAcompáñanos a descubrir esta aventura en espiral por el...

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Spirulina World Food 2021

How this micro algae can transform your health and our planet – 2021 Edition. by Robert Henrikson Available at The complete guide to a powerful food that can help rebuild our health and restore our environment....

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Spirulina Smart Microfarm

By Robert Henrikson, CEO, Smart Microfarms Welcome to our Smart Microfarm greenhouse just south of San Francisco. The first spirulina farm in Northern California. Here we grow spirulina, a blue-green algae, year round, in a...

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AIM International Readers Poll Winner

Smart Microfarms is a winner of Algae Industry Magazine 2015 International Readers Poll in the category “Food, Feed, Nutrients”. AIM International Readers’ Poll mission is to 1. Recognize and reward innovation and excellence, 2....

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The Future of Urban Farming?

Are Algae Microfarms the Future of Urban Farming? Growing local food in community gardens and urban farms is a popular and growing trend. Because urban space is limited and valuable, some entrepreneurs are transforming old...

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Spirulina Benefits Against Radiation

Benefits of spirulina for protection against radiation effects Robert Henrikson The 2011 earthquake and tsunami accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan and the continuing radiation releases have raised concerns...

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Imagine Our Algae Future

How will growing algae change the world and improve our lives? July 5, 2012: Imagine our future living in cities where buildings are covered with photosynthetic skins and vertical gardens, collecting the sun’s energy and...

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Shakeout in Algae Biofuels

An exciting time for algae business development by Robert Henrikson • March 14, 2011 Download this 2 page article pdf. This year, Rand Corporation positions the algae biofuel industry as a research topic, calling into question...

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New Algae Products

How big investments in the ‘biofuel of the future’ will grow our future food and its own bio-packaging from algae. by Robert Henrikson • October 27, 2009 Download this 4 page article pdf. Today, algae is called the ‘biofuel of...

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Biofuels From Algae?

How Ventures can Harvest from the Third Great Algae Bloom by Robert Henrikson • April 3, 2009 • Download this 4 page article pdf. Algae has a natural bloom and bust cycle. In a natural environment, algae blooms in lakes when...

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Algae Microfarms

For greenhouses, urban gardens, vertical farms. Robert Henrikson.

Algae Microfarms

How this algae can transform our health and planet. Robert Henrikson.

Imagine Book

Algae Architecture Landscape Design. Robert Henrikson & Mark Edwards.

Algae Microfarms

Algae Competition