Conversations with pioneers, producers and personalities on current trends and the future of spirulina.

Produced by Robert Henrikson. Hosted on the SpirulinaSource YouTube channel.

SPIRULINA VOICES 4: Spirulina Producers present their farms and products in the Mexico, Myanmar, USA, Thailand and France 2010-21.

Katie Kohlstedt & Francisco Portillo- Spirulina Viva Mexico

Spirulina Viva in San Miguel de Allende is the first family owned algae microfarm in Mexico. On their homestead, Katie and Paco grow and sell fresh and dried spirulina products and healthy food snacks direct to the local community, through retail health shops and by mail across Mexico. Spirulina is native to Mexico and was one of the original foods of the Aztecs.
2:14 minute video (2015).

Robert Henrikson- First Northern California Spirulina Microfarm

Robert Henrikson presents a Smart Spirulina Microfarm and SpiruSource fresh, frozen and dried spirulina products. In this greenhouse just south of San Francisco, spirulina grows year round, in a controlled environment, harvesting several times a week. The fresh harvest collects on a microscreen like a creamy yogurt. It can be frozen or dehydrated.
2:15 minute video (2018).

Min Thein & Nu Nu Win- Myanmar Spirulina

Dr. Min Thein and Dr. Nu Nu Win present Myanmar Spirulina and June Pharmaceuticals Ltd., one of the world’s largest producers from both production ponds and natural lakes. Production started over 30 years ago, now producing about 200 tons of spirulina per year and marketing an impressive range of products with spirulina: supplements, functional foods, beverages, cosmetics, biofertilizer and spirulina beer.
3:37 minute video (2013).

Laurent Lecesve- Integrated Spirulina Microfarm in France

Laurent Lecesve, Eco-Domaine de Bouquetot in Normandy, France, presents his Experimental Integrated Spirulina Microfarm in greenhouses, with biogas digestor for organic nutrients and heat pump to warm pond water. A fresh spirulina luncheon with the team. July 4, 2011.
3:52 minute video (2011).

Jiamjit Boonsom- Algae Tourism in Thailand

Jiamjit Boonsom, founded Boonsom Spirulina Farm over 30 years ago. Located in Chiang Mai, Thailand the farm hosts an algae farm tour, a spirulina health spa and Green Diamond supplements. Featuring novel spirulina foods, waffles, ice cream, beer and facial masks.
3:16 minute video (2010).