Conversations with pioneers, producers and personalities on current trends and the future of spirulina.

Produced by Robert Henrikson. Hosted on the SpirulinaSource YouTube channel.

SPIRULINA VOICES 3: Robert Henrikson presents a progression of spirulina microfarms from home backyard to commercial greenhouse to rooftop systems in California and Washington. 2012-2021

Robert Henrikson- First Northern California Spirulina Microfarm

Robert Henrikson presents a Smart Spirulina Microfarm and SpiruSource fresh, frozen and dried spirulina products. In this greenhouse just south of San Francisco, spirulina grows year round, in a controlled environment, harvesting several times a week. The fresh harvest collects on a microscreen like a creamy yogurt. It can be frozen or dehydrated.
2:15 minute video (2018).

Kobe West- 2 Year Old Spirulina Lover

Two conversations with Kobe West, two year old enthusiast and influencer. Kobe West learns about growing a spirulina culture in a rooftop microfarm. Six months later, Kobe West describes his reactions while he enjoys his fresh green spirulina drink. Produced by Robert Henrikson.
3:40 minute video (2021).

Robert Henrikson- First NorthWest Spirulina Microfarm

In a small area, fast-growing microalgae, like spirulina, can produce higher income for growers than conventional food, herbs and vegetables. Small-scale algae cultivation is now practical. With web-based remote sensors and controls, remote experts can guide local operators, without onsite algae scientists.
2:02 minute video (2013).

Robert Henrikson- Algae Microfarms Book

Robert Henrikson presents ALGAE MICROFARMS. for home, school, community, urban gardens, rooftop, vertical farms and living buildings. How microfarms, growing spirulina and other algae can help transform our food culture by growing abundant healthy food in a very small area. This book introduces individuals and organizations growing algae and making a difference.
2:03 minute video (2013).

Robert Henrikson- Growing Spirulina at Home and Backyard

Spirulina Voices: Robert Henrikson shows growing spirulina at home in aquarium tanks and in the backyard with a 4×6 covered pond, harvesting fresh spirulina, freezing and adding to drinks. Richmond California, 2012. Produced by Robert Henrikson.
2:21 minute video (2012).