Conversations with pioneers, producers and personalities on current trends and the future of spirulina.

Produced by Robert Henrikson. Hosted on the SpirulinaSource YouTube channel.
SPIRULINA VOICES 1: Spirulina Pioneers and Small Farms. Spirulina Microfarmers present the first microfarm in France, and Spirulina Pioneers discuss the future.

Philippe Calamand – First Microfarm in France

Philippe Calamand presents the first spirulina microfarm in France, Spiruline La Capitelle at a Mini-Colloque, Mialet France June 2002. Produced by Robert Henrikson.
2:25 minute video (2002).

Four Pioneers- The Future of Spirulina

The Future of Spirulina. Conversations with Ripley and Denise Fox, Denis von der Weid and Hubert Durand-Chastel at a Mini-Colloque, Mialet France June 2002. Produced by Robert Henrikson.
5:11 minute video (2002).

Hubert Durand-Chastel- Senateur of France

Conversation with Hubert Durand-Chastel, a Senateur of France for French people living abroad and Director of the World’s First Commercial Spirulina Farm, Sosa Texcoco of Mexico. Mini-Colloque in Mialet France June 2002. Produced by Robert Henrikson.
2:45 minute video (2002).

Estelle Calamand- Spirulina Picnic in the South of France

Estelle Calamand hosts a spirulina appetizer picnic in the South of France. A Conference in Mialet was attended by 50 spirulina growers, researchers and supporters from Asia, Africa, the Americas and Europe to share work growing spirulina. The conference included a tour of a family algae farm. Produced by Robert Henrikson.
1:15 minute video (2002).

Village Spirulina Farm in West Africa

Historical video of the integrated village system pioneered by Dr. Ripley Fox in Farende Togo in 1988. Solar panels charged batteries to drive paddlewheels. A 100 m2 basin could grow enough to supplement the diet of 100 children a day. Pouring pond water through a screen, spirulina became a thick paste, loaded in a solar dryer. Dried algae was distributed at the health clinic. Produced by Robert Henrikson.
9:40 minute video (1989).