ARobert Henrikson

Global spirulina Report

video recorded October 4, 2023

Did you know there are more than 600 spirulina microalgae producers worldwide?

Hi, I’m Robert Henrikson. I was a founder of Earthrise Farms in California, becoming one of the world’s largest producers. Over the years I’ve travelled the globe, selling spirulina, visiting farms large and small, making videos.

I founded Spirulina Source, a global resource center for spirulina.
How to organize so much data collected over the years?
I knew there were a lot of spirulina farms. How many and where?

Well, a recent project is building the largest structured database of spirulina producers and their products. We gathered data, photos and videos from websites, social media, published reports and AI searches.

SpirulinaSource.com has now published Industry reports for China, India, Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, France, North America and Latin America.

These reports are not long white papers with a lot of text.
They are visually appealing with many photos of farms, operations and products. Each report has an overview of historical events, current status, production process and products, followed by a selection of current producers.

Thousands of free reports have already been distributed to executives, investors, producers and students all over the world.

Our objectives are to:
• Raise awareness and validate the global scope of spirulina.
• Enhance connections among producers for best practices.
• Educate investors on viable investments.

We invite spirulina producers to contact us to update information about their farms and products.

Visit spirulinasource.com for free spirulina producer reports. Check out our youtube channel with 50 interviews and educational videos.

Thanks for watching.

Robert Henrikson • robert@spirulinasource.com