Pete Henderson

Founder & CEO • Site Algae

video recorded September 5, 2023

Summary: Pete Henderson is an entrepreneur, investor and Harvard Business School graduate with many years of experience growing businesses in the world’s most interesting industries and most challenging markets. Prime expertise is in true innovation – the application of new technologies to complex problems with an emphasis on sustainability.
SITE Algae is working with world renowned spirulina experts & experienced engineers to establish & expand spirulina microfarms in developing regions to boost local economies. SITE Algae will integrate microalgae produced at these facilities into high-protein, plant-based E2G (Eat-2-Grow) FOOD bars. E2G FOOD bars are designed for communities & first responders in need of food relief. SITE Algae envisions the rapid expansion of quality assured small stakeholder spirulina farms designed to boost local economic development, secure sustainable food production within controlled environments and importantly, deliver highly nutritious food to millions of people, with an emphasis on women and children.

Pete Henderson:
Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to apply for a USAID Grant to support Kenya.

Hi, I’m Pete Henderson. We believe that we have the technology and a new innovative approach to helping local communities farm areas where there’s drought, very little agriculture, plus conflict, displaced people. We now have the ability through the introduction of microalgae farming to impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of people’s lives in a very positive way.

In association with Robert Henrikson, the world’s renown microalgae specialist,he innovatively supplies transportable algae farms which can be established in Kenya.

Robert Henrikson:
I’m Robert Henrikson, founder of Spirulina Source.
Here’s an introduction to our prefab, modular spirulina microfarm startup kit.

Presentation of Prefab spirulina microfarm

Robert Henrikson:
Spirulina is native to Kenya’s rift valley lakes, feeding thousands of flamingos.
Kenya has ideal growing conditions.

We’ll evaluate existing spirulina stakeholders,enroll new participants, ship prefab microfarm components for starter kits and extension kits, supervise installation and operation, and help direct distribution of products in Kenya.

We look forward to the rapid expansion of spirulina microfarms across Kenya.

Pete Henderson:
The way it works is three 20 foot containers are sent to Kenya. One of them is full of food bars.
In these food bars is the microalgae. Got 500 calories, 30 grams of protein, and meets all the recommended World Food Program Daily allowance for micronutrients and minerals.

But the main reason is to actually encourage the farming of the microalgae spirulina. So we would set up a training center in Kenya. We would train people and teach them how to become mocroalgae farmers and establish hundreds of these farms around the country.

As a company we would also be interested in buying some of the microalgae from the farmers, creating income earning opportunities for them. We would also look to establish a protein bar manufacturing plant. From Kenya we would supply food for food aid and emergency relief to Kenya and the surrounding countries.

Using innovative technology and new approach, hundreds of thousands of people’s lives can be impacted very positively, providing a fantastic non-animal based protein, that’s grown using renewable energy, focusing on food security, and having a great carbon reduction footprint.

So with USAID, make an impact, change people’s lives and create a long term income earning generating farming community for hundreds of thousands of people in Kenya.

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