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Jiamjit Boonsom
John Benemann
Dale Solomon
Ike Levine
Katie Kohlstedt

In a World… capturing energy directly from sunlight
and miniaturizing technologies for global communications,
Our next leap forward is growing food and bio-materials from micro organisms.

Microalgae convert sunlight, water, and CO2 into the food, feed and biomaterials we need for an abundant future.
Over 10 times more efficiently.
Spirulina is first among the dozen microalgae now being commercialized.

Kobe West: Hello? Okay. So drinking spirulina is very good for your brain.

Produced on over 1000 large, small and micro farms all across the planet.

Kobe West: It would give you a lot of energy.

Join Spirulina Voices in our conversations with producers, pioneers and personalities.

Do you wanna hear stories about spirulina?

Kobe West: Sure.

What are exciting current projects?

Kobe West: You need to drink spirulina so you can survive in the wild.

What innovations are coming?

Kobe West: It even tastes yummy.

What role will spirulina play 5 or 10 years from now?

Kobe West: Da.. da.. da.. da .. da.. It’s very good for your body.

How will we get there?

Kobe West: If you drip it, it means you’re done.

Produced by Robert Henrikson • Spirulina Source • robert@spirulinasource.com>