Olympia Pond Smart Microfarm Testbed, Olympia Washington
As one of the northern most spirulina farms in operation today, this facility will demonstrate the capability of algae microfarms in cooler climates and test practical and affordable microfarms and photobioreactors for growing algae for local food and high value products in urban, community, rooftop, mobile and vertical gardens. Two 55′ ponds have insulating foam panels below and retractable cover above, all within a larger vegetable greenhouse. This greenhouse and pond design will help keep algae culture water warm, increase productivity and extend the growing season beyond the summer months. See slideshow.

Spirulina Algae Microfarm near Olympia Washington.
The first Pacific Northwest spirulina microfarm is located near Olympia Washington, a temperate rainforest eco-region with warm sunny summers and wet cloudy winters. Algae are harvested through a micro screen several times a week during the growing season. This smart microfarm testbed will show how algae microfarms generate income from a small area.
2:00 minute video of Spirulina Algae Microfarm near Olympia Washington (2013).

Olympia Greenhouse This smart microfarm is monitored remotely by webcam and daily data sent from the local operator.

Harvest Process
1. Harvesting through a microscreen. 2. Algae paste collected on the screen. 3. After pressing, spirulina is thick like a wheel of brie cheese. Extruded into noodles on dehydrator screens.