Family and Community Spirulina Farms in France
Over this past decade, over 50 small spirulina producers have sprung up in France, from Southern France to as far north as Brittany, Savoie and Alsace. In 2004 a spirulina school was established at the CFPPA Center in Hyères, engaging more people to join this community. In 2010 most of the French producers became members of the Fédération des Spiruliniers de France, an important step towards good practices, HACCP and eventually organic production.

Spirulina La Capitelle. After several years experience working at spirulina farms around the world, Philippe and Estelle Calamand built two greenhouses with a pond area of about 135 square meters at their homestead in the South of France. By 2002, they produced about thirty 100 gram packages per day for four months in the summer. Local demand for their Spirulina La Capitelle noodles has exceeded capacity. La Capitelle, 34700 Villecun, France. Website:
2:20 minute video of La Capitelle Farm: growing, harvesting, dewatering and drying spirulina (2002).

France DeSavoie
Spiruline de Savoie: Jean-François Thévenet’s farm in the Alps.

France DeProvence
Spiruline de Provence: Jean-Bernard Simian’s farm on the Mediterannean.

France Domaine Traverse
Domaine Traverse: Jean-Louis Traverse’s farm in the South.

France DeCocagne
Spiruline de Cogagne: Aurélien Cathala’s farm near Toulouse in the Southeast.