Large Scale Commercial Farm in California
Earthrise Nutritionals in California and Cyanotech in Hawaii are the two large commercial farms in the USA. There are also large spirulina production farms in China, India and other countries. Earthrise was established in 1981 and over the next decade expanded to cover 108 acres. Owned by Dainippon Ink& Chemicals of Japan, by the mid 1990’s Earthrise had the world’s largest production of 500 tons per year. Below are archival videos from 1983, 1994 and 1996.

Earthrise Farms 1983
Earthrise Farms was the first US Commercial Spirulina Farm in the USA. Beginning in 1977, Proteus Corporation built demonstration spirulina farms in Imperial Valley, California. In 1981, Proteus and Dainippon Ink & Chemicals (DIC) of Japan formed a joint venture to establish Earthrise Farms. Over the following years DIC became the sole owner of Earthrise.

6:54 minute video about Earthrise Farms in 1983 shortly after it began operating in the Imperial Valley of California.

Green Energy from the Sun 1994

Robert Henrikson introduces how spirulina algae is cultivated, harvested, dehydrated, processed and quality control assured at Earthrise Farms in California. He describes the remarkable health and nutritional benefits of spirulina and the displays the lineup of Earthrise brand green superfood products with spirulina.

5:00 minute video about Earthrise Farms in 1994, a decade after Earthrise first began producing spirulina.

Earthrise Farms Tour 1996

Join a group of top sales distributors from China’s Unibond Company in 1996 when they visit the world’s largest spirulina farm. By this time, Earthrise was operating at full capacity, producing an estimated 500 metric tons of spirulina per year on 108 acres of land area. In 1996, China was one of the largest customers for spirulina from Earthrise.

7:30 minute video touring Earthrise Farms with Unibond Company from Guangzhou China 1996.