Algae-Tourism at Boonsom Farm in Thailand
Over the past 30 years, commercial micro algae production has become well established around the world. Outdoor algae production systems have primarily focused on four algae: spirulina, chlorella, dunaliella and hemaetoccocus. Here is an example of a medium size spirulina algae farm.

Boonsom Spirulina Farm near Chiang Mai is the largest in Thailand, with 40,000 square meters of growing pond area, and is ISO 22000 Certified. Beyond making Green Diamond natural food supplements, Boonsom Farm has an inviting and innovative agro-tourism program with a spirulina health spa. Featuring spirulina waffles, ice cream, beer and facial masks. The pioneering founders are Professors Jiamjit and Somchye Boonsom. The farm recently celebrated its 20th anniversary.

3:10 minute video of Algae-Tourism at Boonsom Farm in Thailand (2010).

Green Diamond
At Boonsom Farm you can learn how spirulina algae is grown, harvested and made into finished products.

Boonsom Farm
Somchye Boonson, Devi Jacobs, Jiamjit Boonsom, Robert Henrikson, January 2010.

Jiamjit Boonson, Research Director. Green Diamond Spirulina.
86-87 Village M.6 Thungpee, Maewang, Chiangmai Thailand 50360.
tel (053) 363-602-3. fax (053) 363-601. mobile 081-924-5256.