Smart Algae Microfarms may be the future of greenhouses, hydroponics and urban farming.

Spirulina Smart Microfarm.
Welcome to our Smart Microfarm greenhouse just south of San Francisco. The first spirulina farm in Northern California. Here we grow spirulina, a blue-green algae, year round, in a controlled environment greenhouse. Spirulina is harvested several times a week. The fresh harvest collects on a microscreen like a creamy yogurt. It can be frozen or dehydrated. We package and distribute SpiruSource® fresh harvest, fresh frozen, and low temperature dried crunchies and powder.
2:07 minute video of the First Northern California spirulina farm (2018).

Now in a small area, fast-growing microalgae, like the superfood spirulina, produce higher income for growers than conventional vegetables and herbs.

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Successful small-scale algae cultivation is now practical. With web-based remote sensors and controls developed by Smart Microfarms, experts can guide local operators, without the cost of onsite algae scientists. Combined with scalable, modular growing systems, smart algae microfarms can be installed anywhere. Now growers and investors can transform our food culture, sustainably and profitably.

Hundreds of spirulina algae microfarms are already operating in EU countries like France, and now they are springing up in North America. Looking ahead five years, there’s going to be huge inventory of urban space available from vacant parking lots once autonomous cars change everything.