Spirulina World Food

How this micro algae can transform your health and our planet

by Robert Henrikson Available at Amazon.com.

Spirulina World Food

The Complete Guide To A Powerful Food That Can Help Rebuild Our Health and Restore Our Environment.

Since 1989, Earth Food Spirulina has been called the definitive popular reference book about spirulina. This 2010 edition Spirulina • World Food has been updated by the author, Robert Henrikson. He has pioneered algae as a world resource for 30 years, and was the President of the leading algae company and a director of the world’s largest spirulina farm.

This easy-to-read book has 200 charts, tables and photos. It takes the reader on a step-by-step adventure:

• Super health programs using this green superfood.
• New scientific discoveries revealing medical benefits.
• How algae is ecologically grown, delivering more nutrition per acre than any other food.
• Growing spirulina in developing world villages, harvesting from lakes and microfarming
• How spirulina uses land and water more efficiently than other food crops.
• How big investments in the ‘biofuel of the future’ will grow food and its bio-packaging from algae.
• Schemes and dreams using microalgae to regreen our planet.

FREE. Download this entire book as a 194 page pdf file (4.5 MB).

International Editions
Earth Food Spirulina and Spirulina World Food International Editions.

Author Biography for Robert Henrikson as a Spirulina Bioneer covering the period 1977-1999.
Book Reviews for Earth Food Spirulina.

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Spirulina World Food contents

1. Rediscovery of a 3.5 billion year old immortal lifeform
2. A nutrient rich super food for super health
3. Self-care programs with clean green energy
4. New research reveals health benefits
5. The variety of products around the world
6. How spirulina is ecologically grown
7. Spirulina’s resource advantages and world food politics
8. Spirulina in the developing world
9. Microalgae’s role in restoring our planet
A: Quality and Safety Standards
B: The Origins of Earthrise
C: Bibliography and References