Smart Microfarms

Smart Algae Microfarms may be the future of greenhouses, hydroponics and urban farming. Successful small-scale algae cultivation is now practical.

Health Library

Scientific health abstracts by category: immunity, anti-viral, anti-cancer, anti-aging, detox. Human studies by country. Over 100 references from 40 years of global research.

Spirulina Farms

Production videos, photos and stories around the world. Algaepreneurs and microfarms, small developing world farms and medium to large farms: growing, harvesting, products.

Algae News Update

Smart MicrofarmSmart Microfarms expanded spirulina greenhouse microfarm in Half Moon Bay south of San Francisco. This is the first spirulina farm in Northern California. April 24, 2017.
SpiruSourceSpiruSource nutraceutical products for locally grown spirulina for sales direct to consumer, farmers markets, online, natural food retail, juice bars and restaurants. July 2, 2016.
Smart Microfarms is a winner of Algae Industry Magazine 2015 International Readers Poll in the category “Food, Feed, Nutrients”. AIM Readers’ Poll mission is to 1. Recognize and reward innovation and excellence, 2. Convey who and what make a difference, 3. Celebrate innovative people, companies, technology. January 13, 2016.
AIMMicrofarms6 Scalable Algae Microfarms series for Algae Industry Magazine Evolving from projects in developing world villages, algaepreneurs are growing algae in small greenhouses. Smart web-based technology with modular systems will soon make it feasible to deploy scalable microfarms.
Three Videos
Videos on spirulina production systems. Growing, harvesting and making products ranging from commercial farms to village farms to microfarms to home growing, from France, Thailand, Africa, Mexico and California over a 33 year time span from 1982 to 2015.

Future of Algae Blogs

1. Spirulina Smart Microfarm The first spirulina farm in Northern California.

2. Smart Algae Microfarms may be the future of greenhouses, hydroponics and urban farming.

3. Algae Microfarms Book. Microfarms for urban gardens, rooftop, mobile and vertical farms and living buildings.

4. Spirulina in Myanmar. Visit one of the world’s largest producers of spirulina.